Day 1

Shock horror in our house, as we realise that chocolate is out!

Today we have spent some time researching ‘vegan’ alternatives – don’t forget this is not because we don’t like animal products (because we LOVE animal products – especially bacon & cheese), but because we wanted to see if it would improve our health and energy! So having found some recipes, we decided to make vegan pancakes for breakfast and quesadillas for dinner. Sounds pretty good, we don’t have any fruits or veggies in the house so we went to the shop in search of more and also some vegan products.

Here we encountered a few issues:

  1. Our local shop doesn’t have a vegan section or many vegan foods, so just for today we decided that trying to be vegetarian will work until we can go to a larger shop that will have what we need.
  2. Almost all snacks have some form of dairy in them, chocolate has milk, biscuits have eggs, and so on. This is hard for us as we snack at all hours of the day especially on sweet treats.
  3. Going vegan could be expensive, unless you shop around and find the best deals. Vegetables and fruits are best bought from Lidl or Aldi, actual vegan products may have to be bought from a specialist shop, which could be very expensive.
  4. The amount of animal products in our diets – we had no idea how much we were eating –  cheese, milk, eggs, meats, chocolate, baked goods, ice cream, frozen foods, pretty much every meal we had eaten for the past few weeks (if not our entire lives) had at least one, if not more, animal products.

So firstly we tried pancakes, in our pancakes we put:

2 bananas, 4 tablespoons of flour, a teaspoon of baking powder and 300ml of almond milk. (We also put some cinnamon in, we love it so thought it would work well)

We attempted to fry the pancakes, like normal, however they just stuck to the pan and became a gloopy mess! Attempt number 2 – we put the mix onto a tray with baking sheets (as its very sticky!). We then cooked it at 180°C for around 30 mins; the top went a bit leathery. Johnny particularly liked these!

Although not the most attractive looking ‘pancakes’ they tasted surprisingly sweet, Johnny demolished a whole plate and said he didn’t feel bloated like he would with normal pancakes. Once the topping is on, the pancakes taste amazing, they’re not quite the same as regular pancakes but definitely have a lot of flavour and a bit of a chewy texture. We both agreed that we would refine the recipe and try them again!


Quesadillas were next:

We used Quorn chicken, potatoes, mushrooms and an Old el Paso quesadilla kit.

I baked off the potatoes and fried the Quorn and mushroom then put it all together and used the seasoning kit, following the instructions on the box.

This was super easy to make, not as easy as only having chicken to cut up but its worth it, this had more vegetables than we usually would have with quesadillas and tasted just as nice. Personally I didn’t like the Quorn chicken but Johnny thought it was nice – it does not taste like chicken, only has a similar texture.

Overall, although today we hadn’t managed to be vegan, we had done a vegetarian diet instead; it was nice, lots more vegetables and fruits than the previous day.

Hopefully tomorrow we can have better luck!

-Amelia & Johnny


Day 1

Going Vegan!

So most people hate vegans, they tend to go on about their diets and try to fit it into every aspect of their lives. However, having watched a documentary called ‘What the Health’ on Netflix last night; it’s really spurred a desire to try the plant-based diet that all these crazy vegans keep telling us about.

‘What the health’ is about the link between disease and diet, the documentary looks into cardiovascular diseases, as well as asthma and diabetes, director Kip Andersen visits many doctors, nutritionists and scientists to discuss the impacts of diet on health. Andersen also tries to speak to multiple health organisations such as the American Diabetes Association; however all the organisations he contacted refused to discuss the role of diet and its effect on certain diseases – such as processed meats being shown as a type 1 (same level as cigarettes, benzene and plutonium) carcinogen but still being recommended by the diabetes and heart  associations!

So me and my boyfriend, Johnny, have decided to take on the challenge — as of today we will be attempting to keep a plant-based diet. Neither of us have ever been vegan or vegetarian and we both come from families who eat a LOT of meat and dairy products – chicken nuggets are a favourite for us 😦 Here in the blog, we’re going to keep everyone updated as to how it’s going and what we find happens to our health.

To give you all an idea of where our current health is:

Johnny is 21, 6’7 and has a BMI of 24.8 (on the brink of being overweight). He tries to go to the gym regularly and avoids too much sugar but was eating loads of meats and eggs to get protein and to build muscle with ‘good cholesterol’, and under the belief that this was a healthy and balanced diet.

I’m 19, 5’4 and have a BMI of 24.2. I don’t do much physical activity and have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome; I’m already aware of the impact of diet on my health but had no idea that animal products could be causing some of the issues I’m seeing.

Fingers crossed!

Amelia and Johnny x

Going Vegan!